Solo Exhibition Submission Guidelines

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules of our Solo Exhibitions.

For further guidance, scroll down to read a list of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).



National Photographic Society encourages all amateur and professional photographers around the world to submit their best photos to be considered for their monthly Solo Exhibitions. Annually, one photographer from the 12 Solo Exhibitions will win the Grand Prize amount of $1,000. You will need to submit between 5 and 10 photos for the Solo Exhibition. If selected, you will also be asked to provide a Statement and Biography to be included with your show. National Photographic Society is a nonprofit organization and uses the non-refundable fees to provide prizes and awards, and to help advance its core missions.


Files are required to be less than 2 MB and must be only in JPEG or JPG formatting. Please ensure that there aren’t any watermarks and signatures since all photos are judged anonymously, so having these will disqualify your submissions. The Solo Exhibition is based on an open theme, and as a photographer, you are given the widest latitude to build on any central category as you see fit.



It’s necessary to ensure that all photos and titles are in the correct order before your final submission since there is no way to correct any mistakes once your works are submitted. You also will not be able to add to, change, or delete from, any of the photos submitted. For the Solo Exhibition, you will need a cohesive body of works on any theme of your choosing.


Solon Exhibitions do not have hard deadlines and are accepted on a rolling basis. For complete details on eligibility and restrictions, refer to the FAQs below.



The winning photographer will be given the opportunity to hold a Solo Exhibition for a month. An annual $1,000 Grand Prize Award will also follow. *

WINNER – Grand Prize Award $1,000


* Cash prizes are always sent via PayPal. If the recipient does not have a PayPal account, you can create one here




The entry fee for the Solo Exhibition is $35 flat for 5 to 10 photos. The exhibition has an open theme, but you should ensure that you are presenting a cohesive body of works.


See below for a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).


For a list of all rules and regulations, please visit our Terms of Use.

Do I need to open an account in order to participate in the Solo Exhibitions?
You will be prompted to open a free account once you have made your payment. Otherwise, feel free to open your account prior to making a payment. Either way, to keep the submission process secure and seamless, you will need an account.
Do I need to open an account to browse the selection of current and past Solo Exhibitions?
However, if you are a lover of photography, or have a desire to submit photos to our Solo Exhibitions in the future, we strongly recommend that you open up a free account. It is one more way for you to share your interests with other like-minded folks.
How do I open an account?
Simply click on the yellow “Sign Up” link on the upper right-hand corner.
What do I need to know about the Solo Exhibitions?
The Solo Exhibitions are based on Open themes, meaning they do not have a specific Category. This is because we want to highlight the works of all talented photographers working on any subject. However, all photos submitted for the Solo Exhibitions do require a cohesive theme as a whole.
How many Solo Exhibitions are being held during the year?
There are 12 Solo Exhibitions planned during 2021, with one being held each month of the year, although the magnitude of the COVID crisis and its eventual fallout on the art and culture community makes the actual number of exhibitions difficult to predict. 
When is the deadline for the Solo Exhibitions? 
The Solo Exhibitions do not have any set deadlines and are accepted throughout the year on a rolling basis.
Will there be a Solo Exhibition during every month of the year?
Possibly, but until there is a clear return to normalcy in our society some months might be skipped if participation threshold is not met due to a direct or indirect consequence of the pandemic.  If this is the case, we will resume our Solo Exhibitions as soon as we can.

How many photos can I submit for the Solo Exhibition?
You can submit between 5 and 10 photos for the Solo Exhibition.
What file types are acceptable?
Please submit your photos in JPG or JPEG format only.
What is the maximum allowable file size?
Files will need to be less than 2MB.
Will I be able to view the photos I upload?
, you will be able to view your submitted files by logging into your account. Once you sign in, you can see them in the Member’s area, under the heading Solo Exhibition.
Will I be able to add to, edit, or delete from the photos I initially upload?
, once you submit your photos you will no longer have the ability to change these in any way, even though you will always be able to view them.
Do I need to upload a statement and biography along with my photos?
You do not need to upload a statement and biography during initial photo submission.
However, if selected for the Solo Exhibition, please be prepared to submit these documents. Note that your statement and biography need to be well-organized and grammatically error free.
Is there a word or character limit to the statement and biography?
Yes, your statement and biography will need to be 5,000 characters or less (approximately 800 words).
Will others be able to view my photo uploads when I submit?
No, your photos are always private
, and are not visible to anyone outside of National Photographic. Of course, if your works are selected for the Solo Exhibition, they will be made available on the website for everyone to see on a permanent basis.


Are there any kind of awards and prizes for the Solo Exhibition?
Annually, we will select a Grand Prize Winner from among the photographers taking part in our 12 Solo Exhibitions during the year. There will be a $1,000 cash prize awarded to the winner. Also, winning a Solo Exhibition will mean that your portfolio will go live on National Photographic's webpage for an entire month, and then archived permanently for future viewers. 
How do I receive the prize money if I am selected as a Grand Prize Winner?
PayPal is the only manner in which we can pay out the winning prize money. If you do not have an account with PayPal, we strongly suggest that you get one by clicking on this link. It is safe, secure, and swift. We are unable to pay you by checks, by bank transfers, or by any other means outside of PayPal. 
Do you withhold any federal, state, or local taxes when you give out the prize money?
Please make sure that you follow all local laws and report any income to the appropriate tax authorities who have jurisdiction over your state or country, if necessary.

What is the entry fee for the Solo Exhibition?
All Solo Exhibitions have a $35 entry fee. 
Is the entry fee refundable?
No, the entry fee is non-refundable once a successful submission has been made.
Why do you charge an entry fee?
National Photographic Society was established as a nonprofit organization working on behalf and for the benefit of photographers and contributors by displaying award-winning photos from around the world.
Our core mission as a nonprofit organization has been to award cash prizes, raise social awareness, and boost international recognition by holding juried competitions funded through sponsorships, associations, memberships, and participation fees. One of the ways we raise grant money as well as meet our operational costs is by charging a small entry fee.
How do I pay the entry fee?
When you click to enter the Solo Exhibition, you will be taken to our secure payment portal. You can either pay by PayPal or choose to make a credit card payment. National Photographic Society accepts all major credit cards. After the payment has been successfully processed, you will be taken to the submission form to upload your photos and other application details.
Do I need to be a professional photographer in order to submit to the Solo Exhibition?
Of course not!
In fact, most of our entries come from amateur photographers and photography enthusiasts, who also happen to receive the bulk of awards and prizes. 
Do I need to be a citizen of any particular country to apply?
We welcome photographers from all corners of the globe and from every country in the world to participate in our contests. We remain confident that our diversity is our greatest strength. 
Is there any age restriction for participating in the Solo Exhibition?
You will need to be at least 18 years of age to enter any Solo Exhibition.

What are the benefits of entering my photos for a Solo Exhibition?
Annually, one photographer will be selected as the Grand Prize Winner, and will receive $1,000 in cash prize. But beyond just the monetary gain, as a rising voice in the photographic community, National Photographic Society will give you tremendous exposure among an engrossed global audience. In addition to being featured with a direct link from our homepage for the entire month, you’ll be prominently featured in our monthly newsletter, social media, and blog and article pages. We even plant to release a print publication coffee-table photography book which will contain a full color spread of your collection of works along with your biography and artist statement.
What happens to my portfolio after the month is over?
Nothing! Your collection of photographs will remain as a Solo Exhibition at all times on our walls as permanent collection for you to refer in your portfolio and curriculum vitae.

Can I sell my images on the website?
Absolutely! You will be able to sell your works commission-free, and we will forward all prospective buyer inquiries to you directly. Over half of all art sales worldwide come through online transactions, and by cutting any middleman, you will be able to keep all of your profits.
Who owns the copyrights of my photos?
You. And it will always be that way.
What do I do if I have more questions or need further clarifications?
Please feel free to email us at or directly to our email response team at and we will get back to you within one business day.