We invite you to a Solo Exhibition
on the walls of our newly minted online gallery showroom.
Ever since COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc worldwide, artists everywhere have felt the need to shift gears to make their voices heard and images seen in a way more suited to the new order. Consequently, a handful of organizations, led by artists, photographers, and globetrotters, have come together to establish the National Photographic Society, an international platform to give photographers the name recognition they deserve but are largely missing out during the pandemic.
National Photographic Society is a nonprofit organization that features award-winning photographs of professionals and freelancers alike. It awards cash prizes to
By showcasing a brilliant photographer, we intend to highlight the works of the greatest artistic talents around the world. We’re looking for works that don’t just record a subject but express the vision of the photographer to make an interconnected artistic statement. In this sense, a photographer shooting with a camera is akin to an artist painting with a brush.

To ensure contributions from a wide and diverse swathe of contestants, we have an Open theme for our Solo Exhibitions. You can pursue all subject matters, including street photography, portrait, artistic photography, nature, wildlife, urban, urban, landscapes, fashion, documentary, abstract, nude, still life, etc. In all cases, what we’re looking for is creativity in any of the subjects in which you choose to participate.

Photography enthusiasts of various skill level, including amateurs, experts, and professionals are invited to enter. Please submit between 5 and 10 images so we’re able to judge a cohesive body of works from you. Regardless of the number of images submitted, there's a $35 flat fee to enter the contest.
When you click ENTER, you'll be taken to the payment page, 
Upon successful payment processing, you will be redirected to the submission page where you can upload your portfolio.
Please make sure you read and understand the SOLO EXHIBITION RULES .


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A portrait session with the Maasai warriors...

NOV 2020

...can take you to the cradle of humankind.

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From space fanatics to road warriors,...

OCT 2020

...peek through the lens of one intrepid travel family.



Eye of Octopus

From space fanatics to road warriors, peek through the lens of one intrepid travel family.


Dr. N. Sarker

A portrait session with the Maasai warriors can take you to the cradle of humankind.

How many images can I submit?
You can submit a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 images for your portfolio.

How much do you charge for application fee?
The application fee is $35 flat for a body of up to 10 images.

What are the benefits of entering the Solo Exhibition?
As a leading voice in the photographic community, National Photographic Society will give you tremendous exposure among an engrossed global audience when your images are displayed in our Solo Exhibition. In addition to being featured with a direct link from our homepage for the entire month, you’ll be prominently featured in our monthly newsletter, social media, and blog and article pages. Our print publication coffee-table photography book will contain a full color spread of your collection of works along with your biography and artist statement.

What happens to my portfolio after the month is over?
Nothing! Your collection of photographs will remain as a Solo Exhibition at all times on our walls as permanent collection for you to refer in your portfolio and curriculum vitae.

Which magazines and outlets will promote my Solo Exhibition?
You’ll receive widespread press coverage on some of the major news outlets and photo journals. These will include The Times, The Daily Mail, Eye of Octopus, Digital Camera, The Sun, etc.

Can I sell my images on the website?
Absolutely! You will be able to sell your works commission-free, and we will forward all prospective buyer inquiries to you directly. Over half of all art sales worldwide come through online transactions, and without any commission, you’ll be able to keep all of your profits.