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NatPhoto is the dream come true of a group of professionals and passionate lovers of photography and nature.

Through various educational programs and practices in the field, we long to develop unique and relevant experiences for people passionate about learning photography. Our desire is to contribute to the growth of photography and to spread awareness about the conservation of nature and the cultural resources of Chile and around the globe.

Natphoto’s has it’s headquarters in Santiago, Chile. The educational experience we provide takes place all over the country and the world through exciting photographic expeditions and practical courses.

Our NatPhoto team consists of more than 20 dedicated professionals ranging from support staff to qualified photographers working in the field. All of the NatPhoto professionals have a vast range of experience and are distinguished in their areas.

We lead photographic expeditions to the most beautiful and mind blowing places in the world seeking to enhance and strengthen the client’s photographic knowledge. NatPhoto’s spirit and distinctive style make the expeditions a truly memorable and unique photographic experience.